Woodgrove E-Ternal Lite

Standing the 2018 season

Every once in a while a horse comes out of hiding to light the world up, ET is one of those horses.  This beautiful stallion not only sports a beautiful buckskin coat but he’s lit up just right with 4 white feet , a star strip and snip.  

And if his color and sweet disposition doesn’t light your fire enough, just wait until you see him move!  Big moving and balance that is jaw dropping to watch.  

And if you STILL need some kindling for your fire take a look at his pedigree…. MEMC Tequila Cuervo, Elm Hill Charter Oak, Wynne Commotion, Applevale Replica.  Some of the best of the colorful mixed with some of the best of Kerry Morgans.  

ET is standing at the amazing limited introductory fee of $800, AI only.  

Contact us right away to book your mare and put some E-ternal Lite in your barn